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Medium Roast

Brazil has been the world's leading coffee producer for over 150 years and offers coffees that are delightfully sweet, full-bodied, and low in acidity. Discover the distinct nutty and chocolaty flavors that set Brazilian coffees apart.

Sweet beans of Brazil,
Delightful flavors unfold,
A taste that's pure gold.
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Quantity Guide

The estimates below assume a 1:16 brew ratio and a 12 fl-oz cup size. This is the same as a coffee shop Tall size. Please keep in mind that stated capacity for a drip brewer is often, but not always, based on a 5 or 6 fl-oz cup, so it's an entirely different animal.

Bag yields…
12oz bag ≈ 15 cups (12 fl-oz)
2lb bag ≈ 41 cups (12 fl-oz)
5lb bag ≈ 102 cups (12 fl-oz)

If you drink...
1 cup/day ≈ [ 12oz / 2 wk ]
2 cups/day ≈ [ 2x12oz / 2wk ] OR [ 2lb / 3wk ]
3 cups/day ≈ [ 2lb / 2wk ] OR [ 5lb / 4wk ]
5 cups/day ≈ [ 2lb / 1wk ] OR [ 5lb / 3wk ]
7 cups/day ≈ [ 5lb / 2wk ]
10 cups/day ≈ [ 3x5lb / 4wk ]

For Espresso, a normal double-shot requires around 18 grams of coffee.
12oz bag ≈ 18 double-shots
2lb bag ≈ 50 double-shots
5lb bag ≈ 126 double-shots

Which Grind To Choose

Drip Grind for

  • Drip Brewer
  • Chemex
  • Pour Over

Espresso Grind for

  • Espresso
  • Aeropress
  • Moka Pot

Coarse Grind for

  • Cold Brew
  • French Press
  • Percolator

Whole Bean for

  • personalizing your grind
Brazil - Bag Image - Heyday Coffee Co.
Brazil Sale price$26.00
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Our commitment to ethically sourced, specialty-grade coffees goes beyond exceptional taste — it's a commitment to improving youth mental health awareness and education.

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Through our support of Active Minds, we strive to spark conversations, foster understanding, and empower young adults to prioritize their mental well-being. Let's brew a better tomorrow together, one cup at a time.
landscape of a coffee plantation on a hillside.
Not all specialty coffee is ethically sourced, but all of ours are. Ethical sourcing means farmers and laborers are compensated fairly for their time and land and that they are provided the partnerships and tools they need to thrive.
freshly roasted coffee beans cooling in coffee roaster cooling tray.
Fresh-roasted coffee that's delivered at the peak of freshness; your coffee will arrive having had just the right amount of time to rest, degass, and build character. Don't settle for supermarket coffee that has spent months oxidizing and going stale.