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stylized graphic stamp of an Aeropress.

Aeropress Brew Guide

What You Need

Aeropress Brewer
Aeropress Filter
17g Heyday Coffee (~2.5 tablespoons)
Filtered Water
Burr Grinder
Digital Scale



  • start heating the filtered water
  • grind 17g of coffee to a medium-fine consistency, similar to table salt
  • disassemble the Aeropress and insert a filter
  • use a portion of the hot water to rinse the filter and brew chamber
  • pre-heating the mug is also useful; discard the rinse water


  • assemble the filter and brew chamber and place on top of mug
  • add ground coffee to the brew chamber, use a funnel if you have one to cut down on the mess
  • you may need to bring your water back to 205° F if it has cooled too much

Brew: 0:00-1:15

  • start the timer
  • quickly pour 220g (#4 marking) of water into the brew chamber, you can spin the chamber by hand to help with filling
  • stir the coffee and water slurry until mixed
  • insert the plunger just enough to make a seal, don't plunge yet

Plunge: 1:15 - 1:45

  • remove the plunger and stir one more time
  • replace the plunger and plunge slowly and steadily for 30 seconds
  • you will know you are finished when you hear a hissing sound and the plunger is just slightly compacting the grounds

Serve & Enjoy


There are many Aeropress recipes out there, so we encourage you to explore. The inverted method is one of the most well known.

A few tricks:

  • when inserting the plunger, first angle at 45 degrees then insert into the brew chamber; next level the plumber and draw it back a bit to create a slight vacuum seal
  • when plunging, go slow and steady so that you reach the end of the plunge at the 30 second mark
closeup of person holding portafilter and leveling coffee with finger.

Find your brew method !

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