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French Press Brew Guide

What You Need

8-Cup French Press Brewer
56g of Heyday coffee (~8 tablespoons)
Filtered Water
Burr Grinder
Digital Scale
Stirring Stick



  • start heating the filtered water; we usually boil two times, once for preheating and once for brewing
  • preheat the French press by filling with boiling water
  • put more water on to boil while you are waiting for the press to warm
  • grind 56g of Heyday coffee to a coarse consistency, similar to breadcrumbs
  • empty the preheat water from the press; a tip is that you can reuse this water to preheat you mugs

Let It Bloom: 0:00 - 1:00

  • add the ground coffee to the press
  • fill the press about half way with hot water
  • start the timer

Finish the Brew: 1:00 - 4:00

  • at the one minute mark, give the press a good stir to break up the top crust
  • fill the press to capacity; this is typically where the bottom of the metal ring meets the glass, but you will learn the optimal fill for your particular press
  • put the top on to trap heat, but do not plunge

Plunge and Serve

  • plunge slowly and evenly to minimize grounds slipping around the edges of the filter screen
  • pour out water from preheated mugs and serve
  • if you aren't drinking all of the coffee immediately, transfer to a thermos to avoid over extracting


Tips for Common Issues

Coffee Tastes Weak

Your grind could be too coarse; try grinding a little finer. Also, make sure you are allowing the coffee to steep for the full time.

Coffee Tastes Bitter

Your grind could be too fine; try grinding a little more coarser. If the coffee is dark roasted, you could try lowering the brewing temperature to around 195° F.

Coffee Tastes Too Strong

Shorten the brewing time; try a 3-minute steep. Also, don’t let the brewed coffee sit inside the press after brewing. Transfer from the press to a thermos or brew smaller batches.

Too Much Sediment

A little sediment is unavoidable, but too much is likely a problem with the filter. Make sure you aren't plunging too quickly and check that your screen is fitting snugly against the glass. You can try adjusting the filter by hand for a better fit, but untimately, you may need a new one.

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