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Auto Drip Brew Guide

What You Need

10-Cup Auto Drip Brewing Machine
Paper or Reusable Filter
87-104g of Heyday Coffee
Filtered Water
Burr Grinder
Digital Scale


Let's clear the air straight away; the number of cups listed on a drip machine is NOT the number of cups you may be thinking. Typically a drip brewer cup is either 5 or 6 fl-oz. This is not the standard 8 fl-oz cup, nor is it the 10-12 fl-oz coffee cup that you are used to. The only ways to know for your particular machine are to read the docs, or just test it for yourself.

Examples for a 10-cup machine and a 17:1 brew ratio:

for a 5 fl-oz cup

  • the machine holds 5*10=50oz (1,479g) of water
  • so you need 1,479/17=87g of coffee at capacity
  • or 8.7g coffee per "brewer" cup

for a 6 fl-oz cup

  • the machine holds 6*10=60oz (1,774g) of water
  • so you need 1,774/17=104g of coffee at capacity
  • or 10.4g of coffee per 'brewer' cup


  • grind your coffee to a medium drip grind, similar to table salt
  • rinse your filter to remove any residue and place it in the filter basket
  • add coffee to the filter and gently shake to level and distribute
  • fill the water reservoir with filtered water


  • if your brewer has a pre-infusion mode, utilize it
  • flip the switch

Serve & Enjoy

  • store extra coffee in a thermos for later, this helps preserve the flavor vs. leaving it in a carafe on the warming plate


  • when dialing in your brew ratio, the best bet is to keep the water volume and grind constant and then adjust coffee weight until you get a brew that is just right for you. Then you can just reuse this amount of coffee each time.
  • clean your coffee maker monthly with a commercial descaling product or a 50/50 vinegar/water solution to prevent mineral buildup
  • opt for filtered water for better coffee taste, you shouldn't use distilled or mineral water. Distilled is tasteless and mineral can taste strange and is very hard on the coffee maker
  • if you are looking for the perfect mineral mix, packets of coffee water minerals for adding to distilled water are available for purchase
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