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stylized graphic stamp of an Espresso portafilter.

Espresso Brew Guide

What You Need

Espresso Machine & Accessories
18g of Heyday Coffee
Filtered Water
Burr Grinder
Digital Scale
Espresso Cup



  • for espresso, a 2:1 ratio of water to coffee (by weight) is standard
  • use 18g of ground coffee to yield a 36g shot
  • target a 28-32s extraction time

Brewing Steps:

  1. remove portafilter and ensure that it's clean and dry, then place on digital scale and tare
  2. grind 18 grams to a fine consistency similar to ground cinnamon, and add to portafilter
  3. distribute and lightly tamp the coffee; you want a flat bed that isn't overpacked
  4. reinsert portafilter and place your cup on a scale to catch the espresso
  5. begin pulling the shot, aiming for a 36g yield within 28-32 seconds
  6. dispose of the used puck and clean the portafilter

Enjoy your espresso shot!


There's a wealth of educational resources for Espresso available online, and some very opinionated folks out there. We encourage you to experiment for yourself; start with something simple, build your home base, and see where your interest takes you.

In the beginning, it can be difficult to know how to adjust if your shots aren't coming out as you would like. Keep your dose consistent and adjust your grind in small increments until you find the sweet spot. Remember that finer grinds slow the pull and coarser grinds pull faster.

One of our favorite coffee educators, James Hoffmann, has an "Understanding Espresso" playlist on his YouTube channel that is a good place to begin for those just starting with espresso.

closeup of person holding portafilter and leveling coffee with finger.

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