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Chemex Brew Guide

What You Need

8-Cup Chemex

Chemex Filter

42g of Heyday Coffee (~6 tablespoons)

Filtered Water

Gooseneck Kettle (~205° F)

Burr Grinder

Digital Scale






  • start heating the filtered water
  • grind 42g of coffee to the consistency of Maldon or Kosher salt
  • add the filter to the Chemex with the thicker portion over the pour spout
  • use a portion of the hot water to rinse the filter and pre-heat the carafe; discard the rinse water
  • place the Chemex on a digital scale
  • add ground coffee to the Chemex and tare the scale
  • if you took more than 30 seconds to rinse the filter, then you may need to bring your water back to 205° F

Let it Bloom: 0:00 - 0:30

  • start the timer
  • slowly pour 100g of water, being sure to thoroughly saturate the coffee and filter, this allows the coffee to bloom and degasses
  • you can gently stir the grinds to be sure everything is equally saturated

Second Pour: 0:30 - 1:45

  • slowly pour water until reaching 450g
  • be sure to keep the water level at least an inch below the top of the carafe

Final Pour: 1:45 - 2:30

  • begin pouring again until you reach a total of 660g of water; you can go up to 700g depending on your taste preference

Rest: 2:30 - 4:00

  • allow the remaining water to drain through the filter

Serve & Enjoy

  • remove and discard the filter
  • store any extra coffee in a thermos for later enjoyment


Different grind consistencies will alter the brew time and strength. Coarser grinds will decrease the contact area and increase the water flow rate, while finer grinds will increase the contact area and decrease the water flow rate.


  1. Spiral and wiggle while pouring, and cover the entire brew bed
  2. Maintain even temperature with a steady pour rate
  3. Aim for a consistent 'tannish' color on the brew bed surface by pouring more on darker areas, and less on lighter
  4. Rinse around filter edges to remove clinging grounds
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