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Why Choose Heyday

Choose us for amazing coffee with a mission-centric approach. You’ll feel good knowing that each sip supports a brighter future for our country’s at-risk youth. Heyday is unmatched flavor and uncompromising quality, delivered to your door.

All of our specialty grade coffee is ethically sourced from around the globe and delivered to you fresh and fast. We roast-to-order in small batches to ensure consistency, and our coffee never sits on the shelf. Convenient subscription plans and straightforward pricing keep it uncomplicated.

Specialty Grade Quality

A Great cup of coffee depends on starting with great beans. Did you know that coffee is only considered specialty-grade if it scores at least 80/100 on the Specialty Coffee Association cupping form? The SCA cupping form is used by professional Q Graders and rates coffee based on 10 physical and flavor dimensions; it’s the global standard for cupping coffee.

Why’s that important? Because Heyday coffee is not your everyday commercial-grade coffee. Our coffee is always specialty-grade and typically scores in the 82-86 point range. Only about 3-5% of worldwide coffee production meets this standard. Just say no to supermarket coffee and treat yourself to coffee as it should be experienced.

Curated Global Selections

Sip your way around the world. Heyday brings you an array of choices from across the coffee belt. We offer year-round availability from countries in Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia, while more exotic selections are featured as our Coffee of the Month. All our coffees are ethically sourced, and a majority are organically grown.

We consciously selected our coffees to be able to offer you a variety of roast levels and flavor profiles and are confident that you will be able to find your perfect fit. If you have any trouble making your choice, please try our coffee quiz, or reach out to us directly.

Roasted Fresh & Delivered Fast

You order; we roast. When your order is placed, it goes directly into our roasting queue and most often, we have your order roasted, packed, and shipped out the same or next business day. We believe in fresh-roasted coffee that is delivered at the peak of freshness; your coffee will arrive having had just the right amount of time to rest, degass, and build character. This is in sharp contrast to traditional supermarket coffees that spend months oxidizing and going stale.

Small Batch Roasted & Hand Packed

Our roasts are profiled and quality controlled using an Ikawa sample roaster and are prepared in small batches on Ambex 10 and 15kg roasters. We roast at no more than 80% capacity to ensure adequate headroom and tight consistency in each batch. Once your beans have cooled, we grind to your specifications and then lovingly hand package each bag before sending it on its way to you.

Ethically Sourced

Not all specialty coffee is ethically sourced, but all of ours are. Why does that matter? Because ethical sourcing means that farmers and their laborers are compensated fairly for their time and land and that they are provided the partnerships and tools they need to continue to produce coffee in a competitive market.

Mission Driven

With every order, we do our part for People and for the Planet. We are dedicated to participating in the change that we wish to see. Our contributions to Active Minds support mental health awareness and education for young adults. Please click HERE to learn more about our social mission.

We also use fully curbside recyclable shipping material for our coffee and utilize Shopify Planet to include carbon-neutral shipping on all orders placed through our website. Furthermore, one of the criteria for selecting partners is sharing a sustainability mission, and through our partners we contribute to global efforts like World Coffee Research and water catchment and reforestation projects in Africa. Our food manufacturing partner is engaged in an ongoing program to reduce the operating footprint of our roasting operations to be net carbon neutral.

Convenient & Reliable

In today’s fast paced world, anything that helps you reclaim your time is a blessing. We offer convenient subscription plans so that you can be sure of having consistent, high-quality coffee always at hand. Gone are the days of running low, and of needing to buy low quality supermarket coffee or overpriced coffee in a cafe. With Heyday as part of your daily routine, you’re certain to have a smile on your face.

Clear, Fair Pricing

We strive to offer clear pricing with complimentary shipping included. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe that it’s important for you to know what you’ll pay before you've gone halfway through checkout. We don’t shrink our bag sizing to keep the same price, and we don’t play the 99¢ game. With Heyday, there are no surprises. Our direct-to-consumer model cuts out the middleman to bring you top-quality coffee at prices you can get behind.

Beneficial Partnerships

To help us bring you the best possibly coffee, we cooperate with a family-owned and operated food manufacturing facility which is FDA-registered and FSMA-compliant. This is far beyond the scope of what you find with most specialty roasters and ensures the highest standards of food safety and quality control.
The handling of green coffee is also of paramount importance. Green coffee is tested for mycotoxins and other contaminants throughout the supply chain, and storage conditions are fully controlled from the time the beans are offloaded at port until they are roasted and handed over for delivery. We store our green bean reserves at a dedicated commodity storage facility, only keeping a few weeks of production at the roasting facility. At our roasting facility, the green beans are kept in climate-controlled rooms with sealed floors to prevent any contamination.

We also cooperate on green bean purchasing, which allows us to secure green beans at stable prices through advance and bulk ordering. This cooperation also allows us to foster direct trade links that would otherwise be unavailable to a smaller roaster. In the end, we can more ethically source our beans, while also providing customers with stable and reliable pricing.